Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Report Card

Boy, what a let down it must have been after all those posts in October to try and read this blog in November!  I should have known that would be a hazard of the 31 Days Challenge.

The truth is, November was shockingly busy.  I feel like I haven't done anything but chill out with my girls for three years, and then suddenly it's like I'm making up for it all in one month.  Not that I think the last three years have been a waste of my time or anything.  It's just that I didn't have the desire or energy to attempt anything else, and suddenly I'm inspired or whatever and found three big elephants that need eating.  And I'm desperately trying to follow the advice of our beloved high school Bible teacher Mrs. Abbott: "Seniors, how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!"

Elephant #1: The Valley View MOPS group.  This elephant was actually born last April.  But the summer came and went, and the adult ministries pastor and I decided to launch the group in January rather than this past September.  I was miserably unsuccessful at recruiting a steering team to help, so the elephant is mine and mine alone.  However, I believe in MOPS so much that I decided to push it forward anyway, believing that once moms come and see what the group is like then they'll be much more willing to join the team effort of a truly successful MOPS group.  Our first meeting is set for January 9th, and I plan to play it by ear.  (Side note: Southwest Denver people, tell your friends!  Come join our group!  Let me know if you have questions!  Check out the MOPS blog!)

Elephant #2: My new job.  Starting in January, I will be the new nursery coordinator at our church.  It's a ten-hour a week gig, mostly done on Sundays, the rest done from home or with my little girls in tow.  I've had a few things to do in November to prepare for it, including a couple of meetings and filling out employment paperwork that I haven't done in years.  This elephant is actually a huge blessing.  The income will be most appreciated and I think the Lord knew that.  I was reading through some old Facebook stuff from three years ago, when Pumpkin Pie was born, and I had a conversation with one of my friends about working from home.  I had checked out a few opportunities back then, but nothing stood out or panned out.  I told her that I actually wasn't looking too hard, and that God would have to drop a job in my lap.  The more I think about this position, the more I come to the conclusion that that is exactly what He did for us.  Want living proof that He provides?  I'm right here.

Elephant #3: The Biggest Daddy of Them All.  I am directing/acting in the Christmas drama at church, which is on December 11.  Our worship pastor (and good friend) has been bugging me for YEARS AND YEARS about directing something.  Which is a little strange, since I've never directed anything.  But this year it all seemed to work out.  It's a five-person drama and really quite fun, but it naturally involves quite a bit of practicing.  The good news is we are about 12 days from this elephant biting the dust.  The bad news is I'm not sure if we're ready.  Do all directors feel that way?

In the midst of all this, we had Thanksgiving, which is really Thanksgiving/Christmas around here.  We celebrated with my family this year, and my side of the family is the bigger one, so preparing for Christmas in November takes a bit more work.  I completed my goal of making crayon caddies, which acted as Christmas presents for my nephews and niece.  That was nice, kind of a two birds with one stone sort of deal.

Side note: making the crayon caddies was really fun.  I think I might really enjoy sewing, but the thing is I forget how much I like it until I do a project.  Most often the sewing machine sits there and mocks me as I walk around intimidated about doing anything with it.  But when I sit down to do a project, I remember how much fun it is.  I should sew more often.

This brings us to December.  The last month of 2011.  I'm tempted to wax nostalgic about this past year, but I'll save it for next month's report card.  Instead, I'll focus on my final goal for the year, which is being intentional about Christmas.  I'm starting to see a bit of folly in that goal, since that goal needs goals within it to make it successful and I don't really have any.  We made room for our Christmas tree.  I'm going to send out Christmas cards with a bit of a Christmas letter.  And I plan to make cookies.  Other than that, I don't really know what else to do to be intentional about Christmas.  I guess I'll make it up as I go along.

Here is an updated goal list:

January - Move.

February - Make a Homemaking Binder.

March - Send out my story.

April - Make a Felt Doll Set.

May - Plant Garden Pots.

June - Make a Sourdough Starter.

July - Make Homemade Laundry Detergent.

August - Make hair bows.

September - Make paint chip letters

October - Complete 31 Days of Reading blog posts

November - Make crayon caddies.

December - Be intentional about Christmas

And my reading list for November (titles in red were books read for book reviews):

Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel
A Mile in my Flip Flops by Melody Carlson
Premiere by Melody Carlson
Blue Like Play Doh by Tricia Goyer
Every Little Thing About You by Lori Wick
A Texas Sky by Lori Wick
Catwalk by Melody Carlson
Rendezvous by Melody Carlson
Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres
Remembering You by Tricia Goyer
Spotlight by Melody Carlson
Flight of Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

Merry Christmas!

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