Friday, March 23, 2012


The problem with blogs is that there are millions out there.  All with very passionate authors who believe in what they have to say.  And I'm very interested in blogs, but don't really have time to truly follow them all.  The ones I follow faithfully are the ones by the people I actually, physically know.  Ones I have had a conversation with face to face.  I have a few of the biggies on my list, like the Nester and the Reluctant Entertainer and Simple Mom, but even though I've subscribed to them by email, I rarely read them.  I get distracted by too many other things.

However, through a random Facebook comment (you know, the ones that your friends make that show up on the ever-so-helpful ticker on the right hand side of your Facebook feed) I discovered the Tiny Twig.  Her blog is about "inspiring women to create lives of more passion and less fuss" and who doesn't want that?  I hope she doesn't go the way of Simple Mom or the Nester in my book, because I truly find her inspiring.  In one of her latest posts about fueling creativity, she mentioned this book.  I was going to the library and it was available, so I picked it up.  To all you tender folk out there, this book is pretty rough around the edges in terms of language and colorful cartoons, but the message of the book is very freeing to fledgling creative types like myself.  Basically be creative and don't worry about anything else.  Don't worry about trying to sell it, don't worry about what others think about it, because as soon as you do the creative process becomes something completely different, and you probably won't enjoy creating it in the same way.

This all brings me to my point: I wrote a book.  Or a story, I suppose, since it's never actually been turned into a book.  It's a tween story, about a seventh-grade girl trying to navigate the tricky world of junior-high friendships.  It's a Christian story about bullying, which I happen to think is quite relevant, but then I'm not the one who makes decisions about such things.  And I've been holding it closely to my chest, because maybe one day someone would want to publish it.

And I've sent it to more than four but less than ten different publishers and agents.  No dice.  As far as I can tell, they don't think it's "high concept" enough; that is, they don't see any movie rights coming from it so it's not worth their time.  Whatever.  I haven't sent it out in months, mostly because I have other things on my mind.

But according to Hugh MacLeod, maybe that shouldn't really be my goal with it anyway.  I really like the story and I'm glad I wrote it.  So instead of begging for someone to publish it, I'm going to share it right here with you.  Any writer knows how hard it is to put their work out there for other to see, but I really am proud of the story.  And I'm not going to hold my breath that this story is the one to break me into the publishing world.  I no longer care about that (for this story anyway.) 

So I plan to put it on here, a chapter at a time.  If you feel the desire to read it, I hope you enjoy!  And if you don't enjoy it, you can always leave disparaging comments anonymously.  That seems to be the freedom people feel on the Internet these days.  At any rate, freedom all around, for you and for me.

Coming soon: Soprano Troubles by Victoria Kimble.


  1. Tori dear....this post was singing my song today. I am also a fledgling creative type I guess, and have felt much discouragment in my attempt to market my creativity. It can be such a drain on the very thing that inspires me! So thanks for the challenge to just be just be still create but to drop the goal....or perhaps take my eyes off getting other people just as excited in my creativity, and just enjoy the process. Thanks friend! AND...I am super excited you'll be sharing your story...I will read it!

  2. Looking forward to reading it Tori! It is totally a relevant topic. Working in a middle school as the accompanist, I see it a lot. And it is a hot topic in the district, with lots of programs and such focused on anti-bullying. Thanks in advance for sharing!