Friday, November 9, 2012

Post-Election Disappointment

I fully realize what this blog has been lately: mostly silent, unless I'm feeling the need to vent my opinion.  You may hate that.  And that's okay.  I give you permission to leave this page right now.  I honestly feel better writing things out and sending them into the internet void, which is probably a huge problem with blogs in the first place.  But you've been warned.  So go if you have to.  And never read this blog again, if you feel the need.  I'm prepared for that response.

Clearly from the title of this post the election did not go the way I had hoped and prayed.  In fact, if you want the honest truth, only TWO of the things I voted for went the way I voted.  That is so disheartening.  It feels like I submitted my ballot, someone looked at it and said, "We don't care" and threw it in the trash.

But another big blow is the way we've all been kicked when we're down.  Lovely, lovely Facebook.  A place for us to stay connected to people we really enjoyed in the past.  A place where people far and wide feel the right to speak into your life when they've long ago lost that right.

I wish the election would have gone differently.  But I also wish the people I call my friends would have reacted differently more.  Most post-election updates were, "Buck up!  Respect the vote!  Why so negative!"  All of them failing to realize how close the election truly was, and that while the president won by a majority, it was a teeny tiny majority.  Almost as many people were bummed as were happy.  While I (sort of) understand our electoral system, it doesn't seem right to crow "the people have spoken!" when really such a small majority did.  I was prayerful all day Tuesday, praying for the results, and praying how after a hopeful Romney win we could all figure out a way to slowly make things work for everyone.  But even now, the winners do not seem interested in that; they just feel that just because a little over 3,000,000 people feel the way they do, then what they think is best for the rest of 49%.  Again, I realize that if the election had gone my way, those others would be feeling the way I do now, and that doesn't make me happy either.  But it stinks to be on this side.

But mostly I wish my Facebook "friends" had had the decency to let us just lick our wounds and commiserate with each other for a day or two or three.  We all know what an emotionally charged election this was.  I appreciate honest and candid emotions rather than fake, plastic "buck up" messages.  We're disappointed, people.  You don't tell a mother who has just miscarried that her baby is better off in heaven, and you don't tell someone who just experienced a huge blow to get over it. 

My point is, if you call yourself a friend, and yes, even a Facebook friend, then act like one.  Give your friends space to grieve.  Just because your guy won does NOT mean we have to be happy about it.  Just because my guy lost does NOT mean that the very next day I need to put on a happy face and toast you with your champagne.  Our country was at a huge fork in the road, and 58,000,000 Americans feel like we are headed in a direction that will mean bad, bad things for our future.  Now that you know that, how you respond says more about YOUR character than it does about ours.  Democrats are supposed to the party that "cares about other people."  Prove it.

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