Monday, September 23, 2013

The Biggest Announcement on This Blog All Year

My poor neglected Pumpkin Pie Patch.  It's the internet version of my poor, neglected REAL garden, with its one tomato plant and one raspberry bush.  Or, since this is the internet and not real life, let's pretend this little patch has just been enduring a really long winter, and I am finally ready to bring it back into spring.  Even though in real life it is the second day of fall.  (Suspend reality with me for a moment here, will you?)

For my inaugural event this year, I've decided to join the thousands of others and jump into the 31 Days challenge, which happens every October.  Bloggers of all sizes decide to blog for the 31 days of October about one topic.  There are oodles of them. I won't get into it.  When the linky page becomes live I'll put the link on here so you can go find one or a few or ten or a hundred that might appeal to you.  And while I generally shrink away from things that tons of people are doing because I don't like crowds, I'm choosing to join this year.  I've already had more fun than I have had all year just planning it.  I can't wait to get started.

So I'll see you on October 1st, with my exciting chosen topic:

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