Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Ordinary End

So what shall we say then?  I hope I've given you undeniable proof that my life is ordinary.  If you ever feel alone in the level of ordinary that your life seems mired in, come back here and remind yourself.  I'm ordinary too.

I believe that some are called to be special.  That is, to be special as the world defines.  Famous, outstanding in their field, easily recognized by a majority.  But not everyone.  We should just strive to please God.  God can be pleased by your ordinary life, if that is the life He has called you to, and chances are it is the life He's called you to.  One lovely, insightful friend pointed out that we are part of a bigger picture, and quite possibly our part of the picture may be to quietly and faithfully serve in a way that isn't great or big, but is absolutely necessary.  And maybe that's the point of this whole thing: your life may be ordinary, but it's necessary.  Just like a seemingly insignificant screw in the middle of a swing set.  No one looks at or admires the screw, but if that screw were gone the swing set becomes unsafe and could do some real damage.  Be the screw, and rest in the fact that you are necessary to this life.

And regarding Pinterest and Facebook, I've noticed a trend where it is becoming popular to declare that "this may be unpopular, but people should stay off of Pinterest and Facebook!  It's not real!  It's fake!"  I roll my eyes at that.  I think we just need to have boundaries.  First, realize that Facebook and Pinterest are someone's highlight reels, and it doesn't make you better to write someone off just because they are showing you their best.  That smacks of being a sore loser.  Rejoice with their successes.  And all the while, remember that it is probably not their ordinary, and that is why they are sharing it.  Second, especially with Pinterest, if you find that you are overwhelmed or feel bad about your life while scrolling through pictures of fabulous bathrooms or gardens or whatever, then for heaven's sake stop looking at those!  You have the power to choose what you pin on Pinterest.  Choose one or two areas that you would like inspiration in and just seek out those.  I mostly use Pinterest for dinner ideas.  If you are interested in baking, just look for yummy cookies.  Stop pinning things that cause you discontent, and pin things that you know are realistic for your life.

So ends our journey of ordinary together.  But my ordinary life continues.  I'm here if you need someone to just be ordinary with you.

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  1. Loved this conclusion Tori!!!! We are really all ordinary.....seeking to serve and please and be loved by an extraordinary God! Thank you for highlighting your ordinary life this month and challenging us to embrace whatever life God has called us to.