Sunday, October 27, 2013

Embracing Ordinary

My violin - my faithful companion for over 20 years
I am not a great musician.  I began violin lessons when I was 10 and those lasted until I was 14 or 15.  I played in the junior high orchestra in 7th grade, but then moved to a smaller school in 8th grade where there was no orchestra.  At that point I joined choir, which I loved and continued through high school and all four years of college.  Violin got pushed aside at that point.  It sat and waited for me, though.

After college I played a bit for the worship team at church when we lived in Omaha.  Then I moved to Colorado and back under the bed it went.  Then our good friend and worship pastor also moved to Colorado, and I was able to bring it out again for the worship team.  Then I took the nursery director position at church and back under the bed it went.

But my point is, I'm not a great musician.  I'm an ordinary musician.  I can read basic violin music.  I can do an okay job at playing a basic violin.  And I love it.  I especially love playing within the band, with all the other instruments going on around me.  I love adding the layer of violin.  And I could refuse to play because I'm not great.  But then I would be missing out on something.  Here in America we seem to sometimes feel like if we are not great or extraordinary at something, then it's not worth our time.  I'm calling bogus on that.  If you love it and you're not great, do it anyway.  Obviously with something like music, the more you do and practice, the better you'll be.  But don't wait until you're better.  Find a place that fits for where you are at right now and do it.  Enjoy your ordinary talents.  Even if they never become extraordinary, they are still something you can enjoy now.  And that makes it worth it.

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