Friday, October 4, 2013

Exhibit B: My Counter of Doom

We have this weird dividing wall between our dining room and kitchen.  It makes our dining room just awkward enough that someone has to squeeze by the chair to get to the back of the dining table, and it makes the kitchen just small enough that you can't fit a small kitchen table in there.  It's been wired for electricity, so it would take a professional to help us knock it out (unlessI you can google how to knock out a wall with outlets in it.)

As a result, it is my catch all.  I've had one in every house, so I'm not sure eliminating the wall would eliminate my propensity toward a catch all.  But this is it.  We call it the Counter of Doom.  My husband accidentally knocks something off of it at least once a week, as his seat is the one in the back and it takes some crazy Cirque-de-Soleil moves to maneuver between Pumpkin Pie's seat and the Counter of Doom to get to his seat.

"You're welcome to come up with a better system!" I always say indignantly when he displays his displeasure at once again having to pick something up that he's knocked off.  It's very hypocritical of me, since I display the same disgust.  It's just usually done when he's at work and I'm getting the girls lunch or whatever.

This Counter of Doom has long been the sole reason I don't invite people over that often.  The reason all the stuff is there is because I don't know what to do with it otherwise, so how am I supposed to magically come up with a place when people come over?  I'm slowly embracing it, though, since I think the last two times I've had people over (one set being my in-laws) I didn't even bother cleaning it off.  Do you love me?  Then you'll love my Counter of Doom.  Because that's who we are.

We are a family with a Counter of Doom.

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