Monday, October 14, 2013

Exhibit F: Birthdays

Our traditional birthday treat: chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Today is Honey Pie's birthday!  She is three years old today.  We plan to go to McDonald's for lunch and have pizza and ice cream for dinner.  That's an awesome birthday for a three-year-old, right?  I've been asking her for weeks what she wants for her birthday and the answer is always the same: "Chocolate cupcakes."  That's it. 

I've read all the articles on the Blank # of Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special On Their Birthday, and I've never followed one.  That's ordinary.  But those articles aren't the standard either, and just because you don't manage it does not mean you don't think your kid is special, or that your kid won't feel special on their special day.

I'm waiting (just a little bit) for the girls to get older to tell me how they want to spend their birthday.  I think birthdays should be guided by the birthday girl, but maybe that's just lazy on my part for not coming up with sparklies and whatnot to celebrate the day.  Part of it stems from our budget.  I know you can get stuff for a dollar at the dollar store, but I often need that dollar for their cake or pizza or whatever.  All I know is those articles about decorating the chair or door for the birthday just makes me feel tired and guilty, and the minute I start feeling that way about something I shut down and refuse to do it.  Passive aggressive, right?

But we love our girls and do our best to celebrate the best way we know how.  We're planning a little family party for her this weekend, for which I do plan to go beyond our normal plain chocolate cupcakes, but only because the decorations I've chosen look idiot-proof. 

For now, my girls get ordinary birthday celebrations.  Hopefully they won't need counseling later in life as a result.

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