Monday, October 21, 2013

Exhibit H - Ordinary Television

If you can look past the mess on top of our entertainment center (which is ordinarily how it looks, by the way), you'll see our good old-fashioned rabbit ears.  Complete with tin foil for extra reception power.  (Maybe.  We're not convinced it does much good, but it makes us think it works.)

We do not have a fancy satellite dish or cable for our television needs.  Not in the budget.  So we have the antenna and converter box to get us our government-mandated digital channels.  We're treated to the regular stations, plus a few favorites like 6-3 (Create, home of America's Test Kitchen and Fast Food My Way with Jaques Pepin) and 2-2 (This, home to old movies and Sunday night Stargate SG-1 episodes) and 20-2 (ME TV, home to Batman, the original Star Trek and Gilligan's Island) and 59-2 (Qubo, home to Jane and the Dragon and Zula Patrol.)  We live our life without a DVR, which means when we miss a show we watch it on our computer using the internet that we do pay for.  Most of the time it's okay, but sometimes, especially during football games, our patience is sorely tested since the signal gets a little choppy when a car drives by (especially channel 4...get it together CBS!)

Maybe someday we can get a dish or whatever for a better signal.  I have a hard time reconciling that bill yet, though, since the only extra stations we're interested in are Discovery, Syfy, HGTV and maybe the Food Network.  But life with ordinary TV works for us.

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