Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exhibit I - The Laundry Room

I suppose I could have closed the washer for the sake of the picture, but I read somewhere that leaving it open helps it to dry out and prevent mold from growing.  So unless there are clothes in it, it stays open.
There are some beautiful laundry rooms on Pinterest.  Warm and cozy finished walls, clean painted shelves and cabinets, soft and relaxing light fixtures.  I am at once amazed and perplexed.  Who needs a room that beautiful to do their laundry?  Do they spend hours and hours in there?  In my house I spend approximately 5 minutes TOTAL in the laundry room when doing laundry.  That's on my big laundry day.  And that's just to put the clothes in the washer or to move them to the dryer.  Then I take the laundry out to my living room to watch TV while I fold it.  Of course I'd love to have a beautiful laundry room, but there is NO WAY I could justify the time and money spent to make such a place when I spend less than 5 minutes a day in there.

My parents have a nice enough finished laundry room, but their laundry room is also the connecting doorway to their garage, so they breeze through theirs often.  That makes more sense, although it's not like it's their hang out spot or anything.  I've never heard my mom say, "I'm going to go drink some tea and catch up on mail in the laundry room."  But that must be what people do when they have professionally finished laundry rooms.

See that sink between the washer and dryer?  It was there when we moved in.  The drain it's connected to doesn't even really work, since it turns out the pipes under the floor are broken.  We've bypassed that drain for our other needs.  So we don't use the sink.  In fact, I'm wondering how long it will take to fill up with lint.  Right now there is just a fine dusting on the inside.  I try not to touch it to let it fill up naturally.

I do love that shelf above the washer, though.  That was also there when we moved in.  It's probably one of the nicer things left behind by the previous owners.

My laundry room is an ordinary laundry room.  And it is 100% effective.

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