Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exhibit J - My Towels

This is my kitchen towel drawer.  It looks like this because I have delegated the job of folding clean kitchen towels to my 5-year-old.  They are folded...mostly.  Then she shoves them in this drawer.  Now I could spend my time re-doing it to make it look nicer, but that would undermine her work and I don't want to be that mom that redoes the jobs because they're not done a certain way.  I'm sure that as she gets older she'll get better at folding them more precisely, but for now, this is how they look on an ordinary day.  We get what we need.

I think that sometimes it's important to make imperfection ordinary, so as not to crush the spirits of our little brood.  She'll learn as she gets older.  But perfection is not a lesson I want to cram down her throat at this age.

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