Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Generic is Ordinary

I'm not a coupon-clipper.  That's too much work.  And I don't understand the whole match it to the ads, thing.  I've never seen an ad and a coupon match up at the same time.  So I just buy generic.  It's usually cheaper than something with a coupon anyway.

So my pantry always looks ordinary.  Nothing flashy.  Just straight up beans or whatnot.  Generic cereal.  Generic pasta.  Ordinary.  And you know what? We get fed.  We are usually pretty satisfied with the flavors too.  So we're not missing out.  AND we have our grocery budget under control.

This time, it pays to be ordinary.

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  1. What's that can of Macaroni & Beef?! Is that like Spaghetti-o's? Also, generic canned stuff is ALL we buy. Unless the name brand happens to be cheaper than the generic. I don't need name brand diced tomatoes. They are EXACTLY the same as generic diced tomatoes!

    1. It's the generic form of Beefaroni, which is a Chef Boyardee thing. The girls love it. :)