Saturday, October 19, 2013

Living the Life of a Cop-out

We had a guest pastor a few weeks ago at church.  He seemed to be a nice enough guy.  He's planting a church here in the Denver area and our church is helping to support it.  But I admit that I can't remember much of what he said before or after this one statement: "God has great things for you to do."

I felt panic and despair at those words.  I'm sure he meant that as a motivational statement or whatever, but I do not feel like those words are encouraging.  I live an ordinary life.  And to think that I'm supposed to be doing GREAT things for God makes me feel like I am completely missing the mark.  My life is not enough.

My question for today is, can you be a Believer and live an ordinary life?  Is living an ordinary life a cop-out?  Already my life is probably not ordinary because we are not like the world, but is that enough?  If I'm not hugely successful then does that mean I've let God down because I'm not living up to the full potential that He's given me? 

And how am I supposed to measure this success?  If a pastor says something like that from the pulpit, immediately people are going to think of their fame or bank account or level of influence.  And not all of us are going to have great any of those.  Most of us won't.  So what standard am I supposed to use to determine whether or not I'm doing great enough things for His Kingdom?

What if I get to the end of this life and all I have to show for it are the fact that I raised three girls and I faithfully lived my ordinary life?  Is that great enough?

The downside to ordinary, I guess.

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  1. I disagree that raising three girls is considered ordinary. I venture to say that pouring into, training, and guiding children is one of the Greatest things God has for us. It's never about bank accounts, fame or success with God. It's always about obedience. If to obey seems ordinary, then obey in the ordinary. When an extraordinary circumstance arises, obeying will be natural and ordinary.