Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Ordinary Wardrobe

I probably have the most ordinary wardrobe on the planet.  Fashion-wise I'm usually behind about three or four years, so I've compensated by making my look as vanilla as it comes.

If you were to open my drawers, you'd see solid-colored tees, long and short sleeved, with one or two striped ones thrown in for variety.  Most of them are either a form or blue or a form of pink.  I make it a goal to buy scooped or v-neck, since I don't think crew neck is the most flattering on me.  I wear jeans every day.  And you've already seen my shoes.

I just got rid of most of my nicer/business-type clothes because a.) I haven't worn any of it for about six years so b.) it doesn't fit, thanks to the awesome body changes that come with three births.  Did I mention that I wear jeans every day?

I heard that What Not to Wear is in its last season.  Not that I have cable or satellite or anything, but this made me sad because it means the season has probably already been shot and that means I have zero chance that I'll get surprised with a $5,000 wardrobe makeover.  Not that my chances were good before, but now they are nonexistent.  My friend once told me that I would never have qualified for the show anyway, since you have to be a hot mess to be selected and I admit I am NOT  a hot mess.  But I am a boring, ordinary, vanilla mess, and I always secretly hoped that someone was secretly video taping me so I could be faced with my blah wardrobe choices and instructed in the ways of fashion on national television.  But alas.

I think I'm okay with this ordinary because of where I am in my life.  A stay-at-home-mom doesn't really need boots that are in style or shirts of the non-tee variety.  My wardrobe fits what I do each day, and I really am content.  Can you be content with what you have, yet dream of something different?

Easy, budget-friendly fashion tips are welcome and encouraged.

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