Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ordinary Defined

The word ordinary has several definitions, a couple of which make our current culture indignant.  Behold, (thanks to


[awr-dn-er-ee] adjective, noun, plural or·di·nar·ies.
1. of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional: One novel is brilliant, the other is decidedly ordinary; an ordinary person.
2. plain or undistinguished: ordinary clothes.
3. somewhat inferior or below average; mediocre.
4. customary; usual; normal: We plan to do the ordinary things this weekend.
No special quality?  Somewhat inferior or below average; mediocre??  This is America!  Everyone is special!  Right?  (Foreshadowing people!  Another post for a another day.)  I'm looking at the commonplace, unexceptional, undistinguished, customary, usual and normal aspects of ordinary.   Commonplace is commonplace for a reason: everyone accepts it because everyone likes it.  Maybe it's my introverted self that actually likes the idea of doing something that is commonly accepted.  There is no standing out, so there should be very little mocking.  Yet I'm American, so the thought of being ordinary brings up feelings of inferiority and the fear that I'm being frowned upon for ::gasp:: settling.
Does this definition make you uncomfortable?
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