Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ordinary Hospitality

I am NOT gifted in the area of hospitality.  I know a few of those people.  They're awesome.  But I'm not one of them.  However, I desperately wish I were.  So I've done my best to learn as much as I can.  And what I've learned is that extraordinary doesn't matter as much as we think it does when it comes to hospitality. 

I've never been served something fancy at a friend's house.  We have these friends that for a year or two every time we went over to their house (which was quite often, because they are some of those awesome hospitality people) we ate burgers and hot dogs.  And we loved it.  It's food we like and it's people we like, and we never came away thinking "burgers again?!?!"  We've been to their house when it was perfectly cleaned for guests, and we've been when it's not perfectly clean, but I have to really think hard about the difference between the two, because that is not what has mattered to us.

It's a hard mental jump, though.  It's hard to remember that other people aren't thinking about your home and food just as much as you think about them yourself.  I confess I haven't made the jump yet.  I think hospitality people have, and that's why it's so lovely to go over there.  First they've invited you, so you feel special and second they're relaxed because they're not focused on their stuff, they're focused on hospitality.

I long to practice ordinary hospitality.  I still have a bunch of excuses: the baby is still pretty young, my kids are little and I'm tired all the time, there's a big difference between simply an imperfect house and an unclean bathroom that would give your guests nightmares.  I'm trying to come up with our equivalent to burgers and dogs; the simple meal I can serve every time because I know I won't mess it up and that it will fill the bellies while we fill our relationship tanks.

If I could just learn to embrace the ordinary in this area, then it would go a long way in filling the holes in community that introverted stay-at-home-moms often have.

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