Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ordinary Vacations - Missouri or Bust

This suitcase was a graduation present from my late grandma.  I am forbidden from using it for vacations, because it's too big and therefore gets too heavy.  So now it acts as storage for our other more manageable suitcases.
I've been on four American vacations in my life.  When I was 15 or 16, my family went to South Dakota to see the sights.  Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Mammoth Cave, Evans Plunge, the Flintstone Village, some buffalo and some hillbilly dinner theater thing.  It was fun.  When I was 20 my family drove out to California to do the California thing.  Disneyland, California Adventure, SeaWorld, Legoland and some smelly beach covered in seaweed.  It too was fun.  Then there was our honeymoon to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  And finally in 2007 we went to Jamaica for my sister-in-law's wedding.  There have been a small number of mountain excursions, but those have been low key.

Every other vacation has been spent in Missouri.  During my childhood, we would go to my grandparents farm in Missouri once a year.  We loved it.  We always looked forward to our "farm fix."  And it's not like we did anything huge.  It was just time away.  There were a few years when my grandparents owned a house on the Lake of the Ozarks, so we'd spend some of our time down there and it was awesome.  But mostly it was just a city family spending a week in the country during the summer, eating corn and marveling at the humidity that we don't get here in Colorado.

Now that I'm married, our vacations are still spent in Missouri.  This time visiting my in-laws.  I still love it.  Time away from home, in another much nicer house, with someone making me dinner and after dinner milkshakes.  A place for my girls to connect with their grandparents and aunt and uncle. The drive across Kansas is nostalgic, so I don't even mind that.

The point is to get away.  I'm not counting on ever getting to the point where our vacations are spent in some place exotic every year.  But maybe.  And for now, with tiny children who nap all the time, I would rather spend it in the comfort of a family home than spend money on a hotel or renting a house where my kids nap all the time and go to bed early.  They will grow soon enough and won't nap and then maybe we'll visit the idea of going to great places.  Like Florida.  Or Alaska.  Or New England.

Ordinary vacations are restful.

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