Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ordinary Vs. Mediocrity

My outside flower pot.  I never got around to putting anything in it this year, so my daughters did instead.
I think we've gotten to the point where we believe or assume that if something is ordinary then it is mediocre.  Which is fine if you go with the definition of mediocre as something that is neither good nor bad.  But not if you go with the definition that says that mediocre is inferior.

I believe the Lord is honored by excellence.  Whatever gift He's given you or task He's given you, you should do it as excellent as you can.  But I also believe that you can be excellent in being ordinary.  And if you are excellent in your ordinary, then you are not inferior.

Our society uses words like "ordinary" as a weapon or insult.  There is a scene in an episode of Grey's Anatomy (season 3, I believe) where Meredith's emotionally unavailable and almost abusive mother has a brief period of lucidity in the midst of her full-blown, early onset Alzheimers.  She understands what is going on, so she asks Meredith to fill her in on what's happened in the past five years or so that she's been sick.  Meredith begins to tell her about going to med school and being a surgical intern and about the relationship she's having with her boyfriend, and her mother's face clouds over like a thunderstorm.  She interrupts Meredith, blasting her about how she raised her to be extraordinary and to imagine her disappointment at waking up after five years and finding her daughter to be no more than ordinary.  Meredith is crushed.  It's a devastating scene to watch.  And a perfect example of why we're all so scared to be labeled ordinary.

If you live an ordinary life, does that mean your life is mediocre?  Maybe.  But not if mediocre means inferior to you.  Because your life is not inferior.  And don't let the world tell you otherwise.  Because that would be a lie.

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