Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to 31 Days of Ordinary

You are looking at the shoes I wear 358 days a year, in warm weather and cool weather respectively.  My ordinary shoes.  Don't feel like you're not a real woman if you don't have an obsession with shoes. These ordinary babies get me where I need to go, and that's perfectly fine with me.
Last year at this time I had just moved into our first house and I had just stopped barfing with the pregnancy of my third little Sweetie Pie.  I had no inspiration for the annual 31 Days challenge, so I cheerfully tossed it out the window.  I think I mentioned something about doing it some other time, and I'd pick something like 31 Days of Normal, just to combat the picture perfect internet/blog world we find ourselves comparing our lives to.  My sister and a long-lost friend cheered at the idea, and apparently two people vocally approving is all the encouragement I need.  So these 31 days are dedicated to you, Jamie and Heidi.

Do you Pinterest, or are you too overwhelmed?  I think Pinterest is great.  Truthfully, I am NOT intimidated by the things I see on Pinterest.  The elaborately themed birthday parties?  All the power to you!  The myriads of do-it-yourself shabby chic home decor boards?  Beautiful!  But I know many people who feel beat down when they see these things, as if a picture of someone else's success makes their life not worthy.

I think that's what it boils down to: feeling threatened by the success of others.  There's a lovely saying out there that goes "Don't compare your every day life to someone else's highlight reel" or something like that.  AND IT'S TRUE.  Pinterest and Facebook and blogs are highlight reels, and that's okay.  As a dabbling blogger myself, of course I want to put my best foot forward!  But to know that someone sees my best foot and thinks that I'm just being all braggy or whatever is such a downer.  It doesn't make the sad person feel better, it just brings down the person who is sharing their success.

But for the sake of this challenge, I'm embracing the ordinary and showing it to the world.  I hope that this will do one of three things for anyone who ventures to read this: 1.) It will make you feel better about your ordinary life, because MINE IS TOO, 2.) It will make you feel better about your life, because at least your (fill in the blank) is way more (fill in the blank) than my (fill in the blank.) or 3.) It will give you a good base line of what is ordinary and know that if you go just a bit beyond, you'll already be way ahead of the ordinary.  If any of these three happen for you, then I will consider this project a success.

I plan to break down and actually show you much of my ordinary.  I also plan to try and answer some questions as to what is ordinary and why is it ordinary.  I also want to explore what ordinary means for believers.  There might just be a ton of questions and no answers, so prepare yourselves.  I make no promises about solving the worlds' problems this month.

Also, just so you know, all the pictures you will see will be taken by me.  I thought about asking my super photo-savvy younger sister to take some for me, but her skills are quite a bit better than ordinary, so you just get mine this time.

Welcome to my ordinary life.

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  1. I love this! What a great idea! I can't wait to keep up!