Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Wish

I wish I liked gardening.  It seems like such a good idea.  And I suppose it seems doable.  But I don't like getting dirty and I really don't like bugs.  And I'm just not motivated in that area, although I do with I liked it.

I wish I could pull off colored jeans.  Or anything in style.  But you can't really find in style clothes on clearance racks.  And I'm afraid if I ever actually wore something (or a whole outfit) that was in style I'd be uncomfortable the whole time, like everyone knew I was pretending to be something I'm not.

I wish I loved cleaning.  Monica-style.  You know, getting an actual thrill over cleaning products and the act of removing the unseen dirt from things.

I wish I knew how to build things with wood.  Like a custom booth-style table for our dining room and a bunk bed for my girls room, because I haven't ever seen anything I really liked that I could buy in a store, but I have seen things that I've liked in magazines and they either don't exist in stores or will cost celebrity money to actually buy for your house.

I wish I loved to eat vegetables.  Heck, I wish I remembered to prepare at least one vegetable for dinner each night.

I wish I could write the way actual writers write.  Consistently.  Every day.  Good or bad.  Because if they don't they feel it.  But I don't feel it if I don't write.  And I wish I did.

I wish my husband would take me to Blue Parrot on my birthday. 

I wish I knew how to decorate my bedroom.  Thankfully I'm married to a man who doesn't care.  Most of the time I don't care, except for when I think that I really should care.  But I don't.  But I do.

I wish Christians all over the world would collectively and unanimously decide to stop using the Internet.  Because the things they write about are things that are best addressed within a relationship.  And you can't have a relationship with everyone who reads your stuff, so every time someone gets offended or feels the need to correct the author, when the whole conversation would have made much more sense and impact within a relationship.

I wish that I didn't have to make mac and cheese every Wednesday.  But the girls love it.  And so does the hubby.

I wish.

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