Thursday, September 11, 2014

No One Blogs Anymore

At least, not my friends.  Or the people who I'd actually like to hear from. Not even me, obviously.

I wonder if they are like me, and are a little bit over the whole internet thing.  I've learned that on our glorious internet you can find any number of articles to support whatever it is you want to believe.  There is no learning anymore.  We have ideas, and we search and search to find things to support the ideas, no matter how hard we have to try.

I have ideas.  But I don't really want to write about them anymore.  People who don't agree will just find what they want, which would turn my writing into really just a brazen attempt to get an atta boy from the people who think the way I do. Or people who don't agree will use the anonymity of the internet to try and bully me into their way of thinking.  They use phrases like "if you would just educate yourself!" and whatnot to prove their intellectual and rational superiority.

There is nothing new under the sun.  I think that's in the Bible somewhere.  And now that we have the whole world at our fingertips, it's glaringly obvious.

You've probably all read this somewhere before already, haven't you?

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  1. Hey Tor....I had this all written up and then went to hit publish and lost it..oh well. Here we go again:)

    So, I think that it depends on the reason why you write. I agree with you that because of the accessibility of information and the ability to use the internet as a platform in front of the multitudes, anyone, anywhere can communicate their thoughts, opinions and do so in a way that is either in good taste....or not. So I understand the frustration you’re writing from. But I think that writing as an art has a deeper purpose and meaning. Writing is a way to express yourself, yes, but in doing that the author is using writing to cause others to think, to inspire others, or to point others to a meaning or purpose or question worth pondering. I have been reading a lot of Emily Freeman over the past year, and she explains that there is a myth of "scarcity"....which is the thought that because someone else has already said something, I should not say it...because it has already been said and my voice does not add anything. But she urges the writer to go deeper and realize that if something has already been said and yet it's something burning on your heart - you need to still say it! There's a reason why it's there - God put it there and even though the message may not be unique, you are. There might be people that respond differently to your voice, than to someone else's. I know that's true for me. Take Ann Voskamp for example....there are plenty of others who have written about gratitude...but the way in which she voices that truth has spoken volumes to me over the past couple years. That's the beauty of the art of writing and receiving the written word. You have a voice that God has given you to create, inspire, encourage, cause others to think, challenge perspectives, etc. Now would be when I would once again plug a book by Freeman called "A Million Little Ways"...and I'm probably beating a dead horse if you've been watching my FB posts, so sorry about that;) But she speaks to this very topic in it.

    So I'm commenting because I want to encourage you to keep writing and to not allow the nay-sayers outside OR within you to drown that out. Also, it's worth noting that I, for one, have definitely stopped are correct. But what has happened for me over the past two years is that another area of writing has had the lid blown off because I was freed to just be who God wired me. I have been growing in songwriting and it's more at a personal level of no one sees it, but it's still creating, writing out my thoughts and being used as an artform that brings worship to God because it's how he wired me. Now, my songs are nothing earth-shattering. The topics and themes of my songs have all been used and sung before....but as I sing them out to my creator, He sees the uniqueness of my voice and smiles. Let writing be that for you too Tori.....and write on! (Okay...sorry for the speech...just wish we could sit down to coffee, er pepsi...I definitely do NOT have this all figured out, but I wanted to share what I'm learning...and encourage you in it too!