Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cool People

I often feel like I hit the jackpot family-wise.  I understand that there are a lot of dysfunctional families out there, but I don't seem to be a part of one.  I am so grateful that my parents AND my in-laws are still married to each other and serve the Lord with their whole hearts.  And I know how rare it is to have every single one of my siblings and their spouses (if they have them) serve the Lord too.  So don't mind me if I take a day to tell you how cool my siblings are.

My older sister Jamie has always been kinder to me than I probably deserve.  We still have our tiffs now and then, but all throughout my life she's been a champion and a friend.  I had a rough go of things friend-wise in 8th and 9th grade, and she let me hang with her and her friends during those times.  She could have shrugged me off as the younger sister, but she didn't.  And now she is a great source of advice and encouragement.  She's a go-getter and a great servant and she's awesome.

Jamie's husband Nick is a pretty cool guy too.  Very early in their relationship, he was hanging out at my parents' house, and we were all eating popcorn.  One piece fell on the floor and my mom's dog licked it up then spit it back out.  I told Nick I'd give him a dollar to eat it.  Like a champ he popped that thing in his mouth, chewed and swallowed.  I knew then that he'd do great things just to be with my sister, so he passed all my tests.
My younger sister Carolyn is amazing with kids.  She is the one I try to channel when interacting with my kids.  She knows how to play and be silly with them, and I wish I were more like her.  She's bold and adventurous, and has traveled the world many times over.  She lives in a foreign country, for goodness' sake.  She's not afraid to reach out and befriend others and she's awesome.
Carolyn's husband Jason is the kind of guy who is friends with everyone.  He is so easy to talk to and he brings fun whenever they make it down from their home in Canada.  I wish they lived nearby.
My baby brother Ben is one of the coolest guys in the world.  He was a surprise in our family, and is 12 years younger than I am.  He's in the middle of college now, and I feel all kinds of proud about how he's doing, even though none of it has to do with me.  He's musical, he's a leader, he's friendly, and he's awesome.
My sister-in-law Mindy is the opposite of me in every way, the yin to my yang.  She's outgoing and friendly; I'm introverted and hermity.  She loves to help people and is so good at what she does.  She's lighthearted and fun to be around.  She's the life of the party and she's awesome.

Mindy's husband Josh is the smartest man in the world, according to Pumpkin Pie.  She's right about that.  He knows so much about so many things, and his pursuit of knowledge makes me feel like a slug.  He is so patient with my girls, and a trait that like will endear him to anyone.  I wish they lived nearby too.

I have amazing siblings.  I hope you all can meet them one day.

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