Saturday, October 4, 2014

Decorating Faux Pas I've made

What is the plural of "faux pas?"  Because I've made it.

I actually could write for 31 days on this topic.  I know, I know.  Nester says that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  But I also believe that just because you like or believe something doesn't make it right.  Not that I really like what I have up; but it's what I have.

Exhibit A: My "Signature" Wall
You can find all sorts of beautiful signature walls on all the deco blogs.  I've totally missed the mark on this one.  I have this huge wall that extends from our living room into our dining room, and it's the main wall that is visible from everywhere in the house.  And it's a big time fail.  Those tiny four pictures are a Pinterest fail, but I don't have anything to replace it, so there they stay.  I actually like the other three things on the wall, but miss the mark on how to arrange them.  Throw in a good healthy dose of "Oh well" and there you go.

Exhibit B: All the light oak in my house. No pictures of this.  Just know that the majority of the wood in my house is light oak.  And that is so old school.  But it's what we've got.

Exhibit C: My grandma table
Believe it or not this table is a new acquisition in our house.  It looks like it was handed down to us by a grandparent, but nope, we bought it with our own money.  It was a Craigslist find, and it was the exact right size that we wanted at the best price we had seen.  I just think it looks so dated.  I've gotten some great ideas on how to paint it to update it, but I haven't been able to successfully sell the idea because of the massive undertaking it would be to do the project.  Maybe someday.  I feel like this has the potential to be one of my favorite things in my house.

Exhibit D: Towels on the couch
This huge, heavy sectional was given to us (of course.)  It had a few holes to begin with, but we've added a few of our own through moving it to three different places and having small girls running and climbing on it.  To cover the unsightly holes on the cushions and to prevent Sweetie Pie from harvesting the stuffing, we've covered them with these lovely blue towels.  Our discussion whenever we have someone over to watch the football game is where to have them sit; on the towels, which is the best view of the TV or on the other side of the couch which has a slightly less optimal view of the TV but they're not sitting on weird towels?  The debate continues.

Exhibit E: the Chick-fil-a calendar.  For the longest time all we had hanging on our bedroom walls was one Chick-fil-a calendar.  We love that little guy and think everyone should get one or two (free sandwiches, people!)  But I know in my heart that our master bedroom should be a lovelier place.  Just a few weeks ago we hung up a family picture and a wedding picture so the calendar wouldn't be so lonely.  But having it in our room at all is a blatant faux pas and I know it.

I choose not to go on.  No need to feed the discontent.

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