Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Desserts My Husband Wishes I Would Make

This topic goes the way of the Tater Tot Casserole topic.  If I were a creative baking type that could create my own masterpieces, then I could have written for 31 days about them.  But really all I have is a Pinterest board full of dessert ideas.

I honestly forget to make dessert.  Not that I don't enjoy a bite of sweet at the end of a meal (or, honestly, after the girls are all in bed for the night.)  But it just doesn't occur to me until it's too late.  I usually don't have the ingredients on hand, and I usually don't have the foresight to add the ingredients I need to my grocery list. 

The best thing I've done lately is buy a bag of Bark Thins, which is a dark chocolate and almond concoction at Costco. It's up high where the girls will never see it, and something my husband and I use to congratulate ourselves for a successful ending to a hard day's work.  I'm trying to make the bag last the whole month.  We'll see.

But if I were to make dessert ever, here are a few that I might make:

Cherry Pie Squares

My husband is more of a chocolate man, but don't these look yummy?  I love cherry pie.

Super Moist and Fudgy Brownies with Chocolate Ganache
Super Moist & Fudgy Brownies with Chocolate Ganache
I've been trying my hand at made-from-scratch brownies lately, because I usually do have these ingredients on hand. Unless it calls for melting chocolate.  But these look amazing and I do plan to give them a try someday.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

I've actually made these.  It took me signing up to take dessert to the teachers at Pumpkin Pie's school for parent teacher conferences to get me to plan an actual dessert, but I did it.  I made two pans so we could have some at home, and my husband enjoyed these for a good week.  They were good.  Really rich.  Make sure you love peanut butter.

Maybe someday I'll remember to work dessert into my meal plan.  Maybe.

Click here for more half baked ideas!

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