Friday, October 24, 2014

Jobs That Seem Like the Coolest Jobs in the World

Sometimes I wonder if thinking about this falls into a Grass is Greener category.  I'm sure every job in the world has its downside.  But to this girl who has mostly done data-entry type desk jobs, there are a few out there that seem like they would be coolest in the world.

Meteorologists. I have always been fascinated by weather.  And meteorologists get to just watch weather all day.  And look up cool stats about the last time the weather was exactly the same or way different.  Or how often the weather patters shift and move.  And the really good ones get paid a lot of money to look pretty on TV while telling everyone what the computer models say.  It sounds amazing.

Ultrasound Technicians (the baby measuring kind).  I realize that there are days when what shows up on the ultrasound is not a good thing.  But most of the time they get to show parents a peek of the miracle growing inside.  I had an amazing ultrasound tech with Sweetie Pie.  She was fun and was determined to teach us something, even though it was our third baby.  I've had some adequate ones too.  They just did their jobs.  But to be the one who gets to see growing babies all day would be so fun.

Birth workers in general.  L&&D nurses, midwives, OBs, doulas, birth photographers...all of them get to witness birth on a regular basis and that is so amazing.  I wonder if they are amazed every time, or if they lose the wonder.  A birth is such a significant time in a woman's life, and she will always remember the people around her, even if they don't remember her.  The only downside I see is the all-hours thing, since babies rarely come at convenient times.

NFL stat people.  You know those crazy stats they put up during the game? Like this person did this that many times while wearing his white jersey and purple socks?  Somebody somewhere had to come up with that kind of stuff.  What. A. Job.

I like to imagine that these people are never bored at their job.  They never have those times where the hours seem to take days, or their eyes just want to shut on their own because the work they are doing is mind-numbing.  It's probably not true, but I can dream.  And here is the thing about mind-numbing jobs: they need to get done.  That mind-numbing stuff frees up other people to do the other things.  And I'm quite good at doing mind-numbing things.  So am I selling myself short by remaining in mind-numbing jobs, or am I fulfilling God's purpose for me?  I know it's my choice whether or not to be cheerful about it, but I believe you can be cheerful AND bored at the same time.  So I'm not talking about whether or not you can do a job cheerfully.

Maybe I'm just saying that this side of heaven, not everyone can have their dream job.  Because there are plenty of jobs that are no one's dream, but they need to be done.  And the people need to have jobs.  So I guess you can draw your own conclusions about that.

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