Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lies I Think People Believe

Honestly, 31 days of this and I'd probably have no readers and no friends.  Most often if you point out a lie that someone has believed, they'll probably be very defensive about it.  No one likes to be duped.  But it happens.  And our culture is full of lies that people have been told and believe as truth.  And they've patterned their life accordingly.

There are the usual: I'm not worthy, I have nothing to offer.  I've been reading a fantastic book called A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman that addresses this very issue.  The point is you do have something to offer.  You were created, and our Creator did not create you to simply breathe oxygen.  You may have to do some work to discover what it is you have to offer, but you do have something to offer.

A Big Lie that the world likes to believe and act accordingly to is the Lie of Physical Attraction.  I think the essence of this lie is that physical attraction is everything, and everything else is worthless.  This addresses how women feel about their looks and their bodies, and how people treat relationships with the opposite sex.  The world has told them that there must be, above all else, physical chemistry, and that the physical chemistry must, above all else, rival that of what you see in the movies or it is worthless.  It's why so many people judge their dating relationships based on sex and their marriages based on how well they lived together before they got married.  I call balderdash.  If you have truly fallen in love with someone then there WILL be chemistry.  Because you love them.  It makes me laugh the way the world is so fascinated with and horrified by the way the Duggar children court and marry.  They cannot fathom a relationship in which the physical relationship only consists of side hugs until engagement, then only hand holding until the wedding, with the first kiss at the alter.  But this lie has blinded people to the power of purity.  Hmm...maybe the power of purity will have to be another blog post.

It's trickiest when the lie is subtle, hiding in the midst of something that seems good.  The lie I've been wrestling with my entire adult life is what I believe is the lie of taking care of yourself.  Even Christians would counsel you to make sure you take care of yourself.  Because if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others, right?  What does that even mean?  Obviously it's different for everyone.  The most common form is the piece of advice that says to say no to everything but what you want to do.  Don't be afraid to say no!  Stop taking care of everyone else!

What does the Bible say?  It says to serve one another.  It says to love your neighbor as yourself, which assumes that you already do love yourself.  It says in humility consider others better than yourself, and to look not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others, therefore assuming that you are going to naturally look to your own interests.  Yes, you are human and you only have so many hours a day and you have a family to take care of too, but serve.  If you say no to a serving opportunity, I hope you have prayed long and hard about it and made sure that the reason you've said no is because God has asked you to do something else and not because you are just trying to take care of yourself.

My point is everything must be filtered through what the Bible has to say.  If you think you've come across a good piece of advice, filter it through the Bible.  If any piece of it contradicts the Bible, then you've discovered a lie that has dressed itself as truth. 

I'm sure there are many, many more.  But the good news is, we've been given Truth, and we can seek it out.  You no longer have to be a slave to these lies.

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  1. I appreciate your encouragement to think about lies vs truth. The point about saying no to things would be a good conversation to have. Saying yes to one thing, always means no to another..even good things. Hard to always sense what God wants me to say yes to. Glad you're enjoying "million" as well...had a feeling you would:)

    1. I fully understand that saying no to something is saying yes to something else...and that sometimes you need to say no to something so you can say yes to taking care of your family (such is my phase of life.) But I feel people use that excuse in light of the Take Care Of Yourself! Lie. Such as, do you really need to say no to serving (because you think it would take time away from your family) when maybe you should say yes and allow your whole family to be involved together? This is a tricky topic and not at all black and white, but I'm just trying to battle the permission that the world gives to just give into the things that make me happy and comfortable.