Friday, October 17, 2014

My Someday List

I have a Someday List.  Conventional American wisdom tells me the time is now and that there is never a perfect time so you have to act, but Sweetie Pie still needs room time in the morning, nap time in the afternoon and bedtime at 6:30.  And constant supervision when she's awake and roaming.  So I put things on my Someday List and hope that someday I'll get to learn more about them.

Someday I'd like to be an expert in gardening and composting.  This is a big stretch, because I'll have to get over my dislike of having dirt on my hands.  And of bugs.  But I do love the thought of producing enough food for my family and for us to give to our neighbors and friends.  And composting makes sense, but seems really really difficult.  Nitrogen and turning and heat and worms and who knows what else.  The Renkins on Curious George make it look easy, but they ARE cartoon characters.

Someday I'd like to bake my own bread.  The blogs make it sound like it's no big deal.  But do I need one of those fancy Kitchen Aid mixers?  Do I need a bread machine?  Is yeast and flour really that much cheaper?  Will the bread come out how we're used to or will it take us a few months to get used to the consistency?  Is the time commitment worth it or not so much? 

Someday I'd like to repaint my kitchen table.  It's just such a big project, and I'll need a time when my children don't need my time so much.

Someday I'd like to learn more about essential oils.  It seems like it would require a ton of research and maybe many more dollars than I have, but the very idea of them intrigue me.

Someday I'd like to play my violin on a regular basis.  I can play a basic violin, and a few years ago I played often on the worship team.  I loved that so much, but I had to give it up to be the nursery director.  Plus, who has time to put in the proper amount of practice with tiny children running around?  But I know they won't always need my constant supervision, and I hope to be able to have time to put in at least a half an hour a day so I can do basic violin things.  I'd also like to learn how to fiddle.  My brother plays the banjo, and it would be fun to know how to fiddle to go along with that.   Someday.

What's on yours?  Maybe I'll add it to mine.

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