Friday, October 10, 2014

People I'd Like to Meet

I actually think I could write for 31 days on people I'd like to meet.  Not just shake hands with, but really meet and know and weave into my circle of friends.  It's not that introverts don't want to make friends, we just want to make friends who are interested in knowing us back.  Which is why I'm not sure I'd ever go to an official Meet and Greet just to shake hands with these people.  I feel like that would devalue them to just a badge of honor for me.  But anyway.

George W. and Laura Bush
I just love them.  They've done so much and have so much wisdom to offer the world.  Each time I read an article about what they're doing now I just feel a warm fuzzy in my heart.  I actually invited them to our wedding.  They couldn't come, but they sent a nice card.

Peyton and Ashley Manning
For this Bronco fan, the only balm that could soothe the sting of losing Tim Tebow was Peyton Manning.  I've always liked him.  He's a great quarterback and he obviously has a good sense of humor, since he has no problem goofing around in commercials.  There's not much info out there on his wife, which might be part of why she's so fascinating.  But I'd love to know someone who lives the life that they do and know how they make it work.

The Duggars
Talk about fascinating people!  Not only do they love the Lord and are more than willing to show the world how their life works, but they would be such a wealth of information on everything parenting and homemaking.  And they are obviously kind.

Sarah Palin
She is so down to earth, and is not afraid to do what she does, even though the media treats her the way that they do.  I'd love to pick her brain about how I can influence our culture and politics, and maybe even go fishing with her.  Even though that's never really been my thing, I think she could teach me to like it.

Robin Jones Gunn
She is my all time favorite author.  She lives in Hawaii.  And she just seems like the kind of person who would really get me.  As a writer, she would be my dream mentor.

Jon Foreman
He's the main singer and founder of the band Switchfoot, and mostly I'd like my husband to be his friend, since he's such a big fan.  But since he'd be around and all I'd love to find out more about his writing process, since he's such a prolific song writer.

I know it's really an American thing to dream about meeting famous people.  Guess I'm an American that way.

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