Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reasons to Serve in Children's Ministry

Or reasons to serve anywhere.  But I'll focus on children's ministry (with a few plugs into worship ministry), since that's where I'm the most familiar.  I'll tell you my point right up front: SERVE.  Do something for the church.  Add your voice, your talent, or simply your body and manpower to something that the church is doing.

Here's the thing: we want new people who don't know the Lord to come to church, right?  Well, these new people are going to be looking for something that the church can do for them.  So the church creates all these programs to show them that we will take care of them and their children.  But some of these people are quite skittish, and look for the slightest thing to give them a reason not to come.  And shoddy programs provide exactly the excuse they are looking for.  Especially in the area of children's ministry.  If they take their children and find a place that seems unsafe, or not properly supervised, or unfun, they will not return.  Or they'll keep their kids with them in regular service, which is decidedly unfun for kids, and they won't return because who wants to spend an hour and fifteen minutes lecturing their kids about being still and quiet or being embarrassed because their kids are acting like kids?

Enter children's ministry.  I think children's ministry is the most feared ministry by believers.  They think that they have to be magic with kids or have a doctorate in Biblical Studies to serve with the kids.  Both are so untrue.  I'm a prime example.  I'm not a "kid person."  My younger sister is.  She's magic with kids.  She can relate to anyone shorter than her hip immediately.  Me?  I can hold a baby and change a diaper and try a few different things if they're getting fussy.  But I'm not magic with them.  But when we first came to our church, Pumpkin Pie was 4 months old, and I knew that the nursery was staffed with volunteers, and if I was using their services the least I could do is get in on the rotation and serve one service a month.  Fast forward to now.  I'm the nursery director.  Still not magic with kids, but I know that parents need a safe and fun place for their babies and toddlers to play so they can be free to worship and serve the Lord themselves.  And I have the ability to provide that.  So do you.

If you don't know how to teach all you have to do is ask. At our church literally anyone could do it.  Our curriculum is video based, so all we need is a facilitator.  And we have a Children's Pastor, so if a kid asks a question that you don't know the answer to, all you have to do is call Pastor Jeff!  Really we just need someone who will look kids in the eye and smile and be willing to learn along with them.

Here's the secret: kids will love you.  If you look them in the eye and smile and learn along with them, they will remember you for the rest of their life.  They love their teachers, and not because they had the entire book of 2 Thessalonians memorized.  They love all adults who aren't their parents who care about their well being and their souls enough to show up and talk to them for an hour about God.  You don't have to come up with the tools, but we do need you to hold them.

Still not sold on kids?  Fine.  Pick worship ministry.  They have non-musical holes that need filled, trust me.  Or greet and be willing to point out the bathroom to someone.  Or be the one who checks the bathrooms each weekend to make sure the paper towels are filled.  It's always the tiny details that seem to go unnoticed that make the biggest difference when they haven't been done right.

The church needs you.  You can be a blessing to others.  And in doing so, you'll be worshiping the Lord in a way that is so pleasing to Him.


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  1. Here! Here! It's not about me anymore! My head can be a scary place if I'm left in their too long....hence part of the reason why I serve.. besides the fact I'm a BIG kid myself & I get to embrace my inner child!! Lot's of fun!!!!