Saturday, October 25, 2014

Superpowers for Moms

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It's fairly obvious that mothers would be the demographic that would put superpowers to good use.  Super speed, teleportation, flight and invisibility all come to mind as something that should be bestowed on the mother at the very instant that her child shows up.  But there are a few more that might make a mothers' life better.

Zapping bugs with your eyes.  Not only would that eliminate the pesky flies in the house, or worse, the dreaded creepy spider, but how useful would it be to save your child from a stinging bee?  One blink of the eye ought to zap the creature to kingdom come, without having to come close to it. 

The Mary Poppins Clean Up Power.  You know the drill, snap and everything cleans up.  But in a fun way, like all the toys march to their toy box.  And birds come and magically chirp a little song at your window while you're doing it.

The Magic Chop Touch.  The worst part about cooking is all the prep.  So what if you could pick up the onion you need, set it on the cutting board, cover it with your hands and when you pull away your hands it was magically chopped?  This could cut cooking time in half, and you'd be able to make better dinners than the usual spaghetti or mac and cheese back up because you don't really have time to make anything else.

Stain Removal.  This one would involve your magic thumb.  Just rub your thumb over a pesky stain on your kid's favorite shirt and BOOM.  The stain is gone!

Sound Dampening.  I haven't quite figured out how, but basically this would be the ability to absorb all unwanted sounds while the babies are napping.  You know, the doorbell from the cable salesman or the jackhammer outside on the street that just HAD to be done at 1:00 in the afternoon.  They could go about their work, and you could absorb all their sounds and your baby could sleep in bliss.

Any that I missed?

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