Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tales from a Nursery Director

I thought this sounded like a fun 31 days idea, but the problem is I don't really have any horror stories in my almost three years as a nursery director.  No medical/safety emergencies, no nightmare kids or parents, no crazy nursery workers.  Even the one or two times that a kid has barfed our children's pastor has come in and cleaned and sanitized the area, so I didn't have to.

The worst fight I had ever participated in was one Sunday when I finally mustered enough courage to tell a mom that she could not send a donut in with her kid to eat.  I do my best to enforce the No Outside Food rule for allergy safety.  Plus it is so lame to have to tell all the other kids that no, they don't get bite of the donut.  But I'm fairly non-confrontational, so I had let this mom get away with it for a few weeks.  I finally put my foot down and asked her to let her kid eat the donut in the coffee shop before coming in.  She was not happy.  But thankfully our Children's Ministry Director was standing right there, silently backing me up.

I guess then there was the day I came into the nursery to find all of our play food gone.  Our play kitchen is one of our main attractions.  I couldn't find the food anywhere.  I asked the children's pastor if he or anyone he knew had borrowed it. He said no, and then we discussed how we were going to work the new food into the budget.  But later I found the bin full of food, placed in a place that I did not think to look.  Crisis averted.

That's all.  Maybe I'll pay closer attention and drum up some stories for next year.

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