Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Things From My Childhood I Force Upon My Children

I am fully aware that my generation is trying to hold on to our childhoods as long as possible.  And perhaps one of the ways we do that is by forcing things from our childhood on our children.  Did our parents do this?  I can't remember.  Or maybe the kids don't know, and it just becomes part of their childhood.  Maybe it's not forcing so much as passing on traditions.

The biggest thing I have done is make my kids listen to The Music Machine.  It's so fun to listen to this, not only because it's nostalgic, but because of how obviously it was recorded in the late 70s.  But I still love the message and the music, so my girls are learning the songs by heart too.

I also employ the tactic my mother used on me: forcing them to play outside.  Most of the time they love it outside, but sometimes they just don't want to go and I really need them to.  So I kick them out and set a timer and tell them they don't have to play, but they do have to sit out there until the timer goes off.

The other day I found a couple boxes of a natural cocoa rice crispy cereal on mega sale.  I loved that stuff as a kid.  The girls were not so impressed.  I still can't figure out why, but they were happy when both boxes were gone.  It must have been a texture thing, because I had a couple of bowls myself and they were delicious.

The girls will have their own memories of things that are classic 2014.  But sprinkled in will always be a part of my childhood.  I like to think that it is a privilege of parenthood.

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P.S.  Can you tell we're coming to the end of this 31 Days challenge?  Can you sense the writer's fatigue?  Sorry about that!  No promises that it will get better, but thanks for sticking with me!

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