Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things I Would Do With $1,000,000

We once saw an episode of King of Queens where Doug and Deacon won, like, $10,000.  Some crazy amount.  Anyway, they realized that their wives would be furious if they found out they had been gambling, so they decided that they had better spend the whole thing before they got home.  Obviously they couldn't buy anything like electronics or the girls would ask how they could afford it.  So they blew it on meals and renting fancy cars and the like.  So now it's a game we like to play.  What would you do if you received a crazy amount of money that you had to spend within 24 hours, but weren't allowed to buy anything that you could physically keep?  Oh, and no just donating it somewhere.

There are obvious things, like a day at the spa.  My favorite idea, though is chartering a jet to fly me to Maine for a lobster dinner.  I have no idea how much that would cost, but I imagine it would cost quite a bit.

I also like to pretend that I've won the $1 million prize on Wheel of Fortune.  Go ahead and assume that we would pay taxes and tithe and pay off our school debt and mortgage.  First, I could buy shrimp for my jambalaya.  Then I like to dream of buying a condo in the mountains, maybe in Vail or Copper Mountain.  Then I would just rent it out.  It would be a nice getaway for our friends and family too, but I've heard you can rent out those bad boys for a pretty penny, especially during ski season.  Especially during Christmas time.  It would pay for its own property taxes and upkeep easily.  And it would be in the mountains. 

Your turn!  Boom!  You just got $50,000 that you have to spend in 24 hours, but cannot buy any large items.  What would you do?

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  1. Fly to a warm, sunny beach just to sit, tan and read, be waited on with food and drink! Then I'd fly myself to a concert...or maybe a few of them...as many as I could pack in. Because there are rarely good concerts near us, and they cost money. How's that for pure selfishness?;)