Saturday, October 11, 2014

Things in My House that Need A Deep Cleaning

Confession: I'm too prideful to actually show you pictures of these things.  But just take my word for it; these things could definitely use a deep cleaning and I have no plans to do so.

Cabinet with the onions.  Like a good housekeeper, I keep my onions away from my potatoes, lest their gasses poison each other and make each other sprout unearthly things.  But onions have that papery outer layer that falls off.  And if I were a good housekeeper, I would get out the ol' vacuum and suck up the piles of onion paper that are left in the cabinet where they live.

Behind the fridge.  My older sister in her wisdom tried to tell me once that you should pull out your fridge and vacuum it more often than you move.  Well, I've mostly moved every year or two since I've been married.  This is our first home that we've been in longer than two years.  So it's probably time to drag that bad boy out.  But will I?

Laundry Room.  Our laundry room is one of those unfinished basement ones.  It's actually remarkably tidy, since it does not double as storage.  But it's now gathering quite the collection of cobwebs and dust.  Never mind the fact that our shop vac is stored in the same room and all I would have to do is plug it in...

The smelly room.  The people who lived here before us were, um, not the greatest housekeepers.  Or home owners.  Or re-modelers.  They half finished this room in our basement, so it has finished walls and that's it.  And we don't know what else they did with that room, but it may have involved a dog or a cat.  It reeks.  It's a storage room and needs to be repainted (maybe several times.) Obviously this would be a bigger project than the others. 

You super star house cleaners could probably point out a few more spots.

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  1. Yikes! Some housekeeper I am! I did not know I'm supposed to keep my onions away from potatoes!!! I have a "potato bin" that my grandpa made years ago, that we use for potatoes and onions....uhm...have I been contaminating my family with dangerous gases?! Do tell!

    1. No! :) It's just that the gas from the onions causes the potatoes to spoil quicker. Or visa versa. They're safe to eat as long as you're willing to eat them, but if you separate them they'll last longer.