Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things I've Tried But Don't Feel the Need to Try Again

I'm not very adventurous.  I'm the first to admit it, and I'm really okay with that.  But when the situation calls for it, I will try something new.  Sometimes, though, I'm glad I tried it but I hope to never have to again.  Such as:

Seriously, what is the deal with this?  I will never understand the craze.  It's just gross.  I've tried it on multiple occasions at different places, and now I'm to the point where I'm always sad that I've tried it.  Maybe we just don't eat out often enough, so when we do go out, I want it to be a place where I know I'll like it.

Honestly, the food list is the longest: kale, cheesecake, wine, capers, liver, walnuts and raisins in my cookies...

Zip Line
I love roller coasters, but I do not love jumping off of something harnessed by a single rope.  Zip lines are something that everyone should probably try once in their lifetime, but once you have that badge of honor I see no need to repeat unless that's your thing. 

The Speed Slide at Water World
I tried this because I love water parks, and I love roller coasters, and speed slides seem to be the roller coasters of water parks.  But they are too painful, both on the way down and when you hit the bottom.  And I feel awkward enough walking around in a swimming suit that I don't need the added stress of trying to look cool while extracting an atomic wedgie.  Give me the rides that you use an inner tube on all day, thank you.  

Maybe the lesson is to just keep trying with the freedom to say that you won't do that again, if it is at all in your power.

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