Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Welcome to 31 Days of Half Baked Ideas!  For the 2014 31 Days challenge I brainstormed furiously.  And what I came up with was a passel of ideas, but none of which I felt I could truly write for 31 days about.  But I came up with more than 31 ideas, so I thought I'd take my half-baked topics and write about each one.  Because the point of the whole challenge truly is to write a post for 31 consecutive days, is it not?

If I were more awesome, I would have written 31 straight days about tiny tweaks you could make that would change your life.  Lately I've been all about making tiny changes and watching them add up.  Because changing my life in one big lump is too overwhelming.

For instance, a la The Fly Lady, I've been cleaning my bathroom sinks and toilets every day.  Well, most days.  It takes about three minutes total for me to wipe down my sinks and swish out my toilets each day.  The result is a sink and toilet that anyone could inspect at any time and find worthy.  See?  Tiny tweak that has made our house a little better. 

Another tweak I've made is flossing every night.  That was a pretty hard one, actually.  I think my brother-in-law once told me that it is just as hard to start flossing as it is to quit smoking.  But I did it, and now it's a habit, and at my last cleaning my gums didn't bleed one bit.  Supposedly it is extremely good for your overall health, and really it was a tiny tweak.

I've been actively trying this year to shed those final baby pounds.  I never really lost it all after my first and since I'm done with having babies it's time to kiss the weight goodbye.  But I wasn't really seeing any success.  I've been exercising faithfully, so I made the tiny tweak of simply having berry smoothies for breakfast.  I just get the frozen berries, add a scoop of plain greek yogurt and ground flaxseed, then add a little hot water (to make it not so cold), blend and drink.  And suddenly I started seeing the pounds go away.  See?  Tweak.

I wish I had more for you.  Then maybe I would have had a legit 31 days topic.  But I don't.  I'm not sure any of these topics will change your life, but maybe you'll enjoy a few of them.

See you tomorrow for another half-baked idea!


  1. I love the tweaks! Makes it so manageable, so approachable. Good encouragement!

  2. Love the idea of small tweaks! So much more manageable.