Friday, October 3, 2014

What Should We Name Our Cat?

Not our cat.
One of our favorite family games is What Should We Name Our Cat?  We don't have a cat, but we  will get one.  Soon.  Very soon.  Pumpkin Pie is old enough to help with the litter, and Sweetie Pie is almost old enough to not eat the litter.  So we like to dream of what we're going to name our cat.  I thought maybe it would make a good 31 days topic, but since at any given time I really only like two or three names, then I didn't want to spend my time discussing the merits of the other 28.

Pet names fascinate me.  I love how you can take something goofy or meaningful and apply it to a furry living thing.  I've noticed a trend of pet names moving toward human names, which I think follows the trend of treating pets like actual human children.  In our house our pet will be a beloved pet, but definitely treated like an animal.  This means we probably won't name our cat Robert or Alicia or Penelope.

We have a white board on our fridge that I use for a shopping list.  However, we've dedicated a corner to our current favorite cat names, lest we forget them when the furry little guy actually comes into our home.  Right now the list is as follows:


Meatball and Amigo have also graced the list at one point.  I removed Meatball, because we called Sweetie Pie Baby Meatball while she was in utero, and I want that to be her special name always.

So there you go.

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