Monday, October 6, 2014

Writing Prompts

This is not only a half baked 31 days idea, it's a half baked e-book idea I had.  I'm slightly obsessed with writing prompt books.  As a writer I love springboards that are already written for me.  And if I love them, then other writers must too, right?  So why not another writing prompt book?  Well, I'm a big chicken, that's why.

I actually have enough material to do a 31 days on writing prompts, but I wasn't sure that's what the people who read my blog really want to read about, so I relegated it to my half baked ideas list.  But here's a taste of what it might have looked like.  These are just ideas that might have gotten a writer's brain working.

A Touch of Clue

Ever played the game of Clue?  The goal is to find out who did it, where they did it, and how they did it.  But your story doesn’t have to end in murder.  Simply find a way to use all three elements together.
A flight attendant, an elevator, a red scarf

A garbage collector, a library, an envelope

A dental hygienist, a mall, a pillow

A tour guide, a post office, a pair of shoes

A Touch of Nature

Nature is full of wonder and can be a great springboard for a good story.  Use these prompts about nature as the center of a short story and see where the characters end up.

She was about an hour away from home when a terrific summer storm broke loose.  She turned her windshield wipers on high and gripped the steering wheel as tight as she could, trying to chase away the memories of what happened in the last storm she got caught driving through.

The wind howled and the snow fell in angry sheets.  Why did winter storms always seem to happen at night?  And when would he get home?  She mentally chastised herself for the way their conversation ended an hour ago.

They were so engrossed in the beauty of the hills that they almost walked right into the herd of buffalo.  He grabbed her as he stopped short.  There was no way they could walk through them; there were too many.  And everyone knew how unpredictable the buffalo could be.  He also knew how unpredictable she could be, and he hoped she would keep quiet and not cause a stampede.  That was the last thing they needed at the moment.

A Touch of Reality

Sometimes you might feel stuck because your life seems to be full of the mundane.  But reality is something we can all relate to.  Besides, sometimes mundane is really just a break from the crazy. 
She was mindlessly thumbing through a magazine, waiting for the grease monkeys to finish the oil change on her car.  Then he walked in and her heart stopped.  She sat still, waiting to see if he would notice her sitting there.  With a slight turn of his head, they made eye contact.

It looked like her grandma had never washed that window.  She supposed it was because it was at the back of the closet, but still, a little natural light would do the tiny room good.  She began to rub away the dirt and grime.  It took some scrubbing, but she managed a small clean patch.  She peeked out the window and screamed.

He sat down to pay his bills, realizing that for the first time he had money to pay every single one.  The guilt about where the money was coming from was getting easier to ignore, especially when he remembered how he had felt for the past three years at this time each month.  As long as she didn’t ask where the money came from, they would be able to move on with their lives.

A Touch of Family
Families are fraught with humor and drama.  Even if you don’t have one of these members in your family, maybe you can imagine what would happen if you did.

Grandma was snoozing in her recliner.  It was rare to find the master prankster unaware.  He knew this would be his only time to strike, and it had to be good.

She felt a thrill as they rounded the last bend to Grandpa’s house.  She eagerly looked out the window.  Then her stomach dropped as they drove up to the house, and she saw the damage.  What had happened?

Her aunt was the only one she could really talk to.  Her sisters never cared and there was no way on earth she would be able to talk to her mom about this.  But she could tell her aunt.  She always knew what to say and maybe she could tell her mom.

And so on and so forth.

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  1. Tori! I love this idea! I think you should write what you're passionate about, and not necessarily about what you think your audience wants. Because in my humble opinion that you didn't ask for:), I think ultimately your audience wants to read about your passion! And this is your with it!