Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Poopy Writing

Did you wonder if I was going to participate in the 31 Days challenge this year? Aw, I'm touched you remembered. 

I am. Although it is not going to look like years past. This year, I am going to call my challenge 31 Days of Poopy Writing. Have you ever read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott? So far it is the book that has had the single most influence on my writing. I find the most inspiration and encouragement from that book. Toward the beginning is a chapter called "Poopy First Drafts." Well, she doesn't say "poopy." She uses stronger language than that, and I just don't want to. But the point is, as a writer you have to embrace the fact that your first draft is going to be bad. But get it down anyway.

My dream is to write fiction for ages 7-12. Maybe even for 13-17. But I need to get my fiction juices flowing. I need to stop dreaming and stop just sketching out ideas and start writing them. In order to do that, I need to embrace the poopy first draft. So for these 31 days, I am just going to write. Good or bad, but mostly accepting that it will be bad. I have a whole passel of writing prompts, and I'm going to write a short scene each day. There will be virtually no editing done, aside from the helpful spell check. But I'm just going to write. I suppose technically it will be 30 days, because I'm going to start that part tomorrow.

And if you follow along and read any of it, then know that you will always have my undying admiration.

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