Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Campside Reality

The moon looked as cold as she felt.  Whose bright idea was it to camp at the beginning of May?  He grinned at her from the other side of the campfire, and she remembered why she agreed to come.  

"Isn't this great?" Jared asked.

"Um, yeah!" Courtney lied. "It's so...quiet here."

"I know! I knew you would like it. You're not like the other girls, you know."

"Oh yeah? What's that supposed to mean?" Courtney smirked at him as she inched closer to the warmth of the fire.

"You know, prissy. Girls usually just want to go paint pottery or go to the movies or something lame. But you, you're not afraid to get dirty," Jared declared.

"What are you talking about? What kind of girls are you hanging around?" Courtney asked as she threw a pine cone at him.

"You know...like Jenny. She never wants to come camping with me." Jared tossed the pine cone in the fire and listened to it pop.

"Oh, yeah. Jenny." Courtney felt her stomach sink. She thought that Jared asked her to go camping because he was finally interested. That he wasn't as into Jenny as she always thought he was. But it turned out she was right. She could tell that he wished it was Jenny sitting on the other side of the camp fire. Probably not on the other side. Probably cuddled up next to him on his side. Suddenly she felt cold again.

"Well, I'm cold. Like really cold. I'm going to sleep," Courtney said, standing up abruptly. She didn't want to sit here in the cold with him while he mooned over someone else.

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