Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Girl Chaser

A garbage collector in a library with an envelope

Jared scratched his head and sighed. This was way beyond the call of duty. But the girl who lived in that house was cute, and he saw her drop that envelope as she was getting into her car. He finally spotted her at one of the computers. He quietly walked over to her.

"Um, Courtney?" he whispered. She whipped her head around.

"You, um, dropped this. I mean, I saw you drop it and I thought you might need it, so..." Jared fumbled with the envelope and then held it out.

"You saw me drop it?" she asked, clearly skeptical.

"Well, yeah. I was on my route and I was a few houses down and saw you get in your car and drop this, so I got it," he said.

"And then you followed me here?"

Jared felt his face turn bright red. "Gosh, yeah. I'm sorry. It was so stupid." He turned and hurried out of the library as fast as he could.

What was he thinking? Most girls did not want to talk to him much longer after they found out that he was a garbage collector. Courtney would be the same. Whatever. No matter what, it was right that he brought her the envelope. Even if it wasn't important, he had his integrity. He hurried to the garbage truck parked at the far end of the lot.

"Hey!!" someone shouted. He turned and saw Courtney running through the parking lot.

"What's your name?"

His heart lifted.

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