Friday, October 9, 2015

Roadside Assistance

She giggled as she stared at her flat tire.  The mishaps of this day were becoming epic of comical proportions.  Should she try and change it herself or just start walking?

Taylor stretched her neck and took off her rings, carefully putting them into her pocket. The first time she had ever changed a tire, back in driver's ed, she had squished her rings out of shape trying to get the bolts off the tires. She could do this. It would make a great story, right?
She popped the trunk of her car and started digging around in the trunk, looking for what she needed. She found the spare tire under the upholstery and the tire iron, but she could not for the life of her find the jack.

"Yep! That's about right," Taylor muttered. She leaned further into the trunk.

"Need some help?" a voice said behind her. Taylor shrieked and bumped her head on the lid of the trunk.

"Ow!" she yelped.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" Taylor whipped around to see a police officer standing near her.

"You didn't! Oh, um, I mean, that's okay," Taylor stammered. She became flustered as she realized how attractive he was.

"This is a busy road. Can I help?" the officer repeated. Taylor sighed.

"Yes, please. I can't find my car jack. I mean, I could do this myself if I had a jack. Do you have one I could borrow?" 

"Sure," said the officer. "And you can borrow my muscles too. I know how hard it is to get those bolts off those tires." The officer walked around to the trunk of his cruiser while Taylor tried to calm her racing heart. It's a good thing she was young. Being shocked by the pop of her tire and being scared out of her wits by a silent cop were enough to put her 26-year-old heart to the test.

"Here we go! Let me call this in and then we'll get to work," the officer said.

"Call it in?" Taylor asked. Her heart began to race again. Was it illegal to have a flat tire? She had never even gotten a speeding ticket!

"Just so they know where I am and what I'm doing," the officer said. Taylor felt foolish for her almost freak out. She should be freaked out that she was standing next to her car on the side of the busy highway, not freaked out that some nice cop was helping her.

"My name is Matthew Price, by the way," the officer said.

"Oh, right. I'm Taylor," Taylor replied.

"Okay Taylor. Get ready to time me. I'm a whiz at this," Officer Price said. Taylor laughed. She hoped it would take him a little longer than expected because she was beginning to enjoy herself.

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