Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Real Life Ecclesiastes

I've having a personal crisis of the Ecclesiastes variety for the past six months or so. You know, "Meaningless! Meaningless! Everything is meaningless!" It's been brought on for a variety of reasons.

First, we've taken to watching Naked and Afraid on the Discovery channel. It's such a fascinating show. But the differences between the two people are always so perplexing. Both are very interested and knowledgeable about survival. But obviously the stress of the situation takes its toll. And what gets me the most is when they do their personal interviews, complaining about their partner and what they are or are not doing. One person will place a high value on searching out protein sources, and the other might value a well built shelter to protect them from the elements. But neither can understand why the other wants to spend all their time doing the thing they think is less important. When really, they're both right. They both compliment each other. But they don't know that.

And second, I have found myself living in an area where I am in the political minority. This is surprising to me, because clearly I never intended to. Honestly I can probably thank gerrymandering for that, but it's true. For almost the past decade, I've been on the losing side of almost every election. It totally sucks. I know those who scored their victory last night feel completely validated and I would have too, if the outcome had been the one I voted for. So am I blinded about how that opposing viewpoint can compliment my life? Can it compliment my life, or am I stuck just sucking it up at best, or hoping their decisions crash and burn at worst?

Even among believers there is so much disunity. Everyone feels their view point is right. The correct view point. The way God has asked us to live. And often they are able to justify their view or actions because they feel the Lord has told them to. I can't doubt or argue with what God has told them to do. But sometimes their actions hurt or disappoint others, so where does that leave the disappointed party? Were they not listening to God?

I admit that I'm a pretty black and white person. I have the hardest time understanding how one thing can be right for someone, but something else completely different is right for another person. It's a wonder we can all live together. Everyone is fighting for what they believe is right. And maybe we're all right about whatever it is we are burdened for. But then why all the fighting and pulling and urging to join our side?


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