Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Donald Trump Will Be Elected President

The majority of America is shaking their heads. They are sick to their stomachs. They are watching a terrible car wreck happen before their eyes and they are powerless to stop it. I am, of course, referring to the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

The crazy thing is, he is currently winning. He is winning because a very small group of people have banded together to vote him through. The rational side of America is completely divided, so their votes are being spread out, when they could band together and put this horror show to an end. But you know why this won't happen and Trump will win? Because of pride.

Trump supporters are so filled with pride that they will never admit that actually having Donald Trump for a president is a bad idea. They've made it known that they like his refusal to bow to political correctness, and they can't go back on that now. Because that would require humility, the ability to admit that they were wrong. Never mind that having someone who funds his own campaign is actually NOT a good thing, since that means he literally does not have to care what the American people think once he's elected. He is not swayed by anyone, because he answers only to himself. I guess that's okay in the business world, but the President of the United States? The one person who stands up to the world on behalf of all American citizens? Not a good idea. But now plenty of people have written and posted about the foolishness of the Trump supporters, which is only making them hold tighter to their choice. Like a toddler who has been told not to touch something, they are compelled to do it because no one is the boss of them.

But it's not just them that are filled with pride. It's the rest of America too. The rest of us want to be liked so badly that for the past year or so we've proudly declared, "Ugh, I hate all these candidates, but if I have to choose, then I'll go with this guy." So we've undermined all the decent candidates with that one caveat. We want our peers to like us, so we talk about how much we don't really like the other guy in an effort to bond with them.

You know what, America? WE KNOW. We all can agree on how much we dislike politicians. The very ones that we vote into office to take care of our country. Now that we all know, can we stop talking about it? It doesn't have to be brought up ever again. This whole election cycle will be much more productive if we can just focus on the fact that a.) these people are HUMAN, just like you, and will make mistakes, and b.) none of them will save us and make our country a utopia. That's not really their job. And if we're expecting them to be amazing, perfect superheros, then yes, we're going to be disappointed. You badmouthing the very people who are the better choice is going to be the reason that Donald Trump will be inaugurated in less than a year.

In my dream world, the current candidates would also put aside their pride. I wish either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would drop out. Either one. If we could combine their support into one candidate, this Trump nightmare will be over. But I'm afraid we've already passed the point of no return on that one. Or we're very quickly approaching it.

Like in most areas of life, our pride and willingness to tear down other human beings is what is going to get us a flip-flopping, reality star as a president. Lord, have mercy on our nation.

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