31 Days of Half Baked Ideas

Welcome to 31 Days of Half Baked Ideas!  For the 2014 31 Days challenge I brainstormed furiously.  And what I came up with was a passel of ideas, but none of which I felt I could truly write for 31 days about.  But I came up with more than 31 ideas, so I thought I'd take my half-baked topics and write about that.  Because the point of the whole challenge truly is to write 31 posts, is it not?

I'm not sure any of these topics will change your life, but maybe you'll enjoy a few of them.

Thanks for reading!

Day 1 - Tweaks
Day 2 - Tater Tot Casserole 
Day 3 - What Should We Name Our Cat 
Day 4 - Decorating Faux Pas I've Made 
Day 5 - Tales from a Nursery Director 
Day 6 - Writing Prompts 
Day 7 - Things I Know I Should Do But Don't 
Day 8 - Desserts My Husband Wishes I Would Make 
Day 9 - Things My Children Make Me Say 
Day 10 - People I'd Like To Meet 
Day 11 - Things in My House That Need A Deep Cleaning 
Day 12 - Lies I Think People Believe 
Day 13 - Dumb Ideas I Used To Have 
Day 14 - Ways I Think I'm Screwing Up My Children 
Day 15 - Things I've Never Done (Or Don't Envision Myself Doing) 
Day 16 - Things I've Tried But Don't Feel the Need To Try Again 
Day 17 - My Someday List 
Day 18 - An American Girl (Kinda) 
Day 19 - Reasons to Serve In Children's Ministry 
Day 20 - Excuses I Make for Not Writing 
Day 21 - Things I Would Do With $1,000,000 
Day 22 - Dinners We Eat Over and Over and Over and... 
Day 23 - Cool People 
Day 24 - Jobs That Seem Like the Coolest in the World 
Day 25 - Superpowers for Moms 
Day 26 - The Case for Purity 
Day 27 - Pins I've Pinned But Will Never Actually Do 
Day 28 - Things From My Childhood I Force Upon My Children 
Day 29 - Things In College That I Took For Granted 
Day 30 - How To Beat Me At Never Have I Ever 
Day 31 - Freedom


  1. I have to admit, the title of your challenge really sucked.me.in. Good luck on your 31-Day challenge. I'll be reading along every.day.